Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi

Primary Wing  

The curriculum of the Primary Wing is designed with the aim of focusing on the following:

  1. Enable children to work in a competitive and cooperative environment.
  2. Develop leadership qualities.
  3. Create team spirit.
  4. Work within a time frame (punctuality).
  5. Be diligent and sincere in completing any task .
  6. Honing of creative talents.

The activity based teaching encourages deep understanding of concepts in the child. Interactive teaching encourages more interaction with teachers. The child is no longer a silent listener and participates in interactive learning which develops his communication skills. Meaningful and quality home work is given to the students to make them more creative & logical and to develop their critical thinking. Group activities are encouraged in the class and the children learn new things from their peers, a learning environment which is student centric is created by us. We create learning opportunities where the students explore and frequently share their learning within & beyond their classroom. As per the directive of CBSE the school has adopted Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation for improvement of student’s achievements through diagnosis, remediation, encouragement and appreciation. The challenge is not making the switch from marks to grades but of changing the mindset of all the parents, students and the teachers. The key to success of CCE is active involvement of parents and students. Both scholastic and Co-scholastic areas are given due weightage. Co-scholastic areas are assessed based on life skills, attitudes and values.

Regular parents teachers meetings enable a two way interactive process for the development of the children. 

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