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Swami Dayanand Considered deliverance from ignorance and attainment of knowledge to be the chief aim of

one's life because an ignorant man " has eyes but does not see, has ears but does not hear, breathe's but does not live." He considered education essential for moulding youth into responsible citizens who fulfill their social obligations cheerfully. education and social system had to go together, so it was through education that the society could be made a better place to live in.

Swami Dayanand wanted to bring the desired social order. His most fruitful ideas are to be found in the " field of education", accordig to him, no nation can remain virile and strong unless the youth receives proper education. The strength of foreign ruler is always fed by the " ignorance of the subject people". He defines knowledge as the " Acquisition-by which one can have correct understanding and grasp of a thing or a subject and can properly utilize it to tackle the problems of life or the society ". Education as such must develop the necessary faculty to know and judge thing in the right prespective.

The D.A.V. Movement, started in 1886 in the sacred memory of Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji, has been rennderig yeoman's services to the society with more than 700 DAV Educational Institutions spread all over India and abroad. It is the largest privately managed educational in India. The Contribution of DAV institutions is well known with the alumni of these, who are holding coveted posts in every walk of life.