Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi

  • Enjoy Child's Progress be the Part of his Success & Attempt.
  • Always Attend his Functions and Parents - Teachers Meet.
  • Never make Comparison with Ribling, Peers, every child is unique.
  • Provide him ample love affetion and care. Inculcate moral, Social, Cultural, Ethics in him/her by setting example at home.
  • Don't Abuse or Thrash Physically, Emotionally.
  • Avoid Scolding, Shouting especially in presence of outsiders.
  • Emotionally children are very Tender & Sensitive try not to hurt them.
  • Rather than preaching only, Create Environment to experience, Grow & Learn.
  • Never use Filthy Language at home. Avoid back biting.
  • Tender touch of parents full of affection, words of appreciation, boost up child's moral.
  • Always be optimist. Teach your child to face hard situations by sharing. Involve him or her in decision making. Value his Suggestions.
  • Let the child choose his own stream. Suggest, discuss but don't impose your over expectations on him.
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