Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi
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D.A.V. CENT. SR. SEC. PUBLIC SCHOOL has grown to enjoy an unparalleled reputation in the education scenario of today. We are proud to belong to this closely knit Institution where the seeds of greatness are sown by farsighted, visionary educationalists.
Our school has come a long way and enjoys a reputation for excellence in academics, sports and cultural activities. This synergy of achievement is born from the commitment of our dedicated, well -qualified staff, the vision of the leaders at the helm of affairs in our management and the spirit of confidence and dynamism that our students generate. Our motto "Aspire, Believe, Achieve" is true in very sense.

We provide education to people of all classes. Yet the energy that emanates as one walks the corridors of D.A.V. Cent. sr. sec. Publics School is unique, charismatic and intense. It is the energy of students whose personalities have flowered, who are confident and focused and who constantly look beyond, reaching out for the best . An D.A.V. can take many a knock, yet stand up and fight honourably. For, us there is a place for everyone; from the brightest to the not so brilliant. We believe that each child is an individual with manifold talents, waiting to unfold in the right environment. D.A.V. CENT. SR. SEC. PUBLIC SCHOOL is a joyous place where rigidity and authoritarianism have been replaced by democratic discussion and debate. This has fostered a healthy atmosphere of sharing and caring.